Dutch Countryside


It’s a SHLEP!


One of these people is a beefeater … the other is Genevieve! From our first Euro visit. (She really likes salad).

The Euro is down.  We have three kids OUT of college.  The Wedding is paid for.  No car payments!  What do these things have in common?

PITY THE FRENCH (like they need it)!  The HOLLANDS are on the way!

Based on the critical triumph of “Shlepping the Alps,” we bring you, “France, Belgium and Hollands (oh my!)” as a means of sharing our wonderful 2012 vacation to France and the Low Countries (Belgium and Holland.)

We’ll be departing for Paris on Sunday, August 5 and will visit the City of Tiny Lights (as Frank Zappa called it), then spend three days in Normandy, which by the way is Genevieve’s ancestral home.  We’ll also tour the D-Day beaches, which are allegedly near the Brother Bluto beaches, then back to Paris to clean up the mess we made the first week.

We’ll hop the fast train to Brussels the next week (ain’t got time to take a fast plane), and will spend the week sampling the best of Brussels, Bruges, Ghent and Ghod knows where else.  Figures to be a goodly amount of mussels in Brussels, chocolates and, last but not least, BELGIAN BEER.  (They also claim to have invented the Mickey D French Fries.) Continue reading

It’s never easy

Headaches while you wait.. that should be the sign above the gate area here at JFK.  With three hours to kill before making the connection for Paris, we’ve managed to attract some of the chirpiest, sqawkiest, screamingest kids in the whole airport.

At least the brand new hearing aids have restored my highest voice frequencies, so I can hear every little shriek these little birds are tweeting.

Anyone want to bet that the entire family is less than three rows from us for the 7 hour flight to Paris?

More later… maybe from the Bastille!